Brian Harris

Executive Director

Brian has served as the Executive Director of the Ripley Housing Authority since January 2017 by contract through his primary employer, Martin Housing Authority.  This is his second time with RHA.  He was asked to come to the agency in 2009 to assist the agency in overcoming some major operational and financial issues it was experiencing at the time.  His work with the Board of Commissioners led to the correction of those issues.

Brian has over 25 years’ experience working in the affordable housing industry.  His career started at a community mental health agency where he served as a clinical therapist.  He was instrumental in assisting the agency develop affordable housing for chronically mentally ill adults being reintroduced into the community from state institutions.  He also worked with an agency that managed HUD funded group home facilities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

For the past 19 years he has served as the executive director of the Martin Housing Authority which had 298 conventional public housing units when he started.  Under his leadership his agency has grown substantially in the number of units in the agency’s portfolio, the number of people that work for the agency and the types of services that are provided through the agency.  His portfolio now includes the original 298 public housing units, 120 multifamily units spread across four rural West Tennessee counties, three 8 bed HUD group homes, and a 25 unit apartment complex.  The agency serves as the fiscal agent for the Weakley County Prevention Coalition and provider of an after school program for low income families which serves 65 children.

Brian is married and has three grown children.  He has lived in Martin for nearly 40 years.

Brian Harris

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